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This time last year, for my birthday, my husband had me on a plane on my way to Rome. It has been a dream of mine for years! It is like an art mecca, and no shortage of items to take photos of. And for me, a little ole utah photographer, this place was like a dream come true. A++ points for the hubby I will tell you what. So let me tell you my favorite spots, and must dos if you too find yourself in Rome.


The first thing I should advise you on, is check the calendar. We didn’t before we went and got lucky. The catholic church has a holiday in August for a week, and all catholic churches and the Vatican are closed. We were lucky because we showed up on the last 3 days of the holiday and were able to sneak them in the last day. But it was CROWDED. We asked a swiss guard there and he recommends you come in the fall or early spring.

We arrived in the mid-morning by the time we got off the flight and boarded a train to Rome. The airport is about a 1/2 hour train ride away. We always use public trans or walk so we can see the city, it is much more fun this way I think. So we rode into Termini, the train hub there. Now we didn’t know how close our hotel was, about a mile, so we took a subway to the nearest bus stop. We could have just walked, but it was an adventure. All in all the whole commute took us about 45 minutes. Not bad.

We stayed at Aleph A Boscolo off of Barberini. After visiting Rome and walking around I would recommend you stay near the Trevi Fountain / Spanish Steps. This area is close to all the sites and a short walk to the colosseum and about a mile from the Vatican. But the Aleph was an amazing hotel. We had a huge rooftop balcony and the bed was so comfortable. After checking in and taking a shower we knew we had to get up and go or we would go to sleep. So we were off.

Here are my top 10 places to hit

. Trevi Fountain

. Spanish Steps

. Pantheon

. Colosseum

. Vatican

. St. Peters Cathedral

. Sistine Chapel

. Via Nationale Street

. Gelato Cecere

. Castel St Angelo


. Trevi Fountain. You can’t go to Rome and not see the Trevi Fountain. It is beautiful. I recommend going both in the day time and at night. We found ourselves there every night enjoying a gelato. Interesting fact about the fountains in Rome, the water is filtered so you can fill your water bottle up at any fountain and it is like drinking bottled water. So don’t waste your money on new water bottles, just get one and fill it up!





. Spanish Steps. This one has a neat story and has an ambiance to it. They were built in the 1600′s by a pope to reach the French church that was placed at the top of them. They are SLICK so be careful, I imagine after having millions of people walk on them that rock gets buttery smooth. They are long and beautiful, worth at least a walk down. And you can see the whole city from the top.


. Pantheon. This church has to be one of the coolest places I have been. It was built in 126 AD and still stands people. It is round on the back with a straight facade. The roof has what is called an oculus, a hole in the top, that is stunningly surrounded by coffered stone. And did I mention that Raphael – you know the famous renaissance painter – is buried there? You can see his grave on the interior.






.Colosseum. This by far you have to see. It is a marvel and so rich in history you would be crazy to not walk around inside. This was built in 70 AD by the romans, of course, and served as a theater of sorts. They had meetings there, and also competitions. Gladiators fought there and were housed there under the floor. Also, little known fact for you, they would sometimes fill the bottom with water and have aquatic battles in there as well. It was neat to walk around in and check out. We paid $15 to get a tour guide and skip the line, once inside she did give us a bit of background and then lets you go on your own. You can book ahead, but I think it is more, but we just showed up and paid cash.





.Vatican. If you are an art buff like me I highly recommend going here. They house amazing pieces of artwork and the interior of the museum is a beauty in an of itself. I had to go because my all time favorite statue, Laocöon, is there. I had to see it. We took the tour guide option since the line when we arrived was a 4 hour wait. It was $20 a person and we skipped the line. Done. This tour was cool because not only did you have someone who knew her stuff, but it dumped us out at the Sistine Chapel and then St. Peters Cathedral. However, I would like to note a few things. They don’t allow backpacks, so bring a small bag / purse or something. You have to wear either a skirt or shorts that go to your knee. Lastly it is an old building and parts have no air conditioning. So be prepared with a fan or water.





. St. Peters Cathedral. This building is amazing. It is the opening to the Vatican and what you see in Angels and Demons. The building is GINORMOUS, like I can’t even compare the size of it. You could easily fit 3 Rockefeller plazas in there. I mean huge. They have some amazing statues, like the Pieta by Michelangelo inside, not to mention St. Peter is buried in the center of it. Worth a walk around.



. Sistine Chapel. This is AMAZING. You have to make sure you see this. Have you ever heard of the Creation painting? It is inside of this tiny little chapel. The ceiling is covered with a bunch of paintings and a huge mural on the one side. This is where conclave is held with a pope dies, pretty neat room. They ask for no pictures, but we may or may not have snuck a quick iphone pic.



. Castel St Angelo. This church sits just outside of the Vatican. I wanted to stop by this one because it is known as the church of angels. It is also shown in Angels and Demons, if you have seen the movie. It contains a beautiful bridge that connects it to Rome, every 50 feet or so there is another angel statue. They are truly beautiful to see.



. Via Nationale Street. This street is just neat. All the shopping you could want and amazing food you can find is on this street. We found it by accident while wandering between chapels and piazzas. We popped out of a alley and were on the street and decided to take a gander. It was pretty amazing and fun things to look at.

. Gelato Cecere. This is a little gelateria near the Trevi Fountain. It is owned by a boyfriend and girlfriend in their 60s, they are an amazing couple and we went there at least twice a day. The people even recognized us, sad but true. We liked their store because it was friendly and never too crowded. Oh and they had amazing Gelato. I am pretty sure I gained all my trip weight at that place.

Lastly I should mention food. I didn’t go to one restaurant that I didn’t like. All italian food is amazing and even their fast food is better than anything you can get in the US. So if you go, just find a place and eat. You won’t be disappointed.

I can assure you that I will be making a return trip to Rome, it is too amazing to only visit once. Have you ever been to Rome? Is there a place you recommend?


Pinterest Picks | August

Guys, I have been cutting back on my love affair with pinterest. Or at least convincing myself that I am trying. That place is like the black hole of calcutta, I mean how can I not try that amazing recipe or go look at those fantastic shoes? I am trying though to use it more for photo inspiration. I have a new personal project in mind and trying to do some research. So without further ado.. here are my latest picks.


St. Etienne, France

St. Etienne | France

This photo is two fold for me. A. I really want to travel there, I mean how cool would it be to see that? and B. It is apart of inspiration for my personal photo project..




If you know me, I have a weakness for Frenchies. I own one, Jet, and every time I see a photo of one I get all ‘awwww’. I mean come on.. too cute.





This quote hits home for me. I have been struggling with the idea of me vs what everyone else sees. I feel like often time we all get lost in the world and it is a hard line to define. So when I see this, I know that it is just fine to be who I am even if others might not like it.



Raw Diamonds


I have been loving the idea of raw diamonds lately. They have their own unique beauty, I mean look how pretty. I think this might be a fun gift.. honey.. wink wink.



Francois Fontaine


Francois Fontaine

This photograph is another inspiring one for me. I have been looking for things to help me with my personal project, as I mentioned. This one, is right up that alley. This was taken by Francois Fontaine.


What do you use pinterest for? Is there a pin I just have to have? Send me a pin here!

My Top 10 Movies

If anyone knows anything about me, it is when I am not taking photos or reading, I am watching a movie. I am a HUGE movie fan. A lot of relaxing time is spent doing this, but it isn’t all relaxing. I like to view the movie for color, inspiration and ways to inspire my photography. So without further ado.. my top 10.Miss Congeniality

10. Miss Congeniality

This movie is a classic go to for me. I started watching this one in high school every time I had a hard day or just wanted to cry. This inspires laughter, which is great. I mean how can you not laugh at someone falling down the stage or getting her tush sprayed with hairspray.


Moonrise Kingdom
9. Moonrise Kingdom

This one I loved for the filmography. I heard a lot of mixed reviews before I watched it and ultimately decided that I had to see it, even it was just for the art. I was so impressed by the shots and how they did the set design. If you need a little creative inspiration.. jump on this one. Not to mention the love story is pretty dang cute.


The Help
8. The Help

This one is a feel good, get your butt up and be a better person movie. I have always admired people who lived through the segregation era and stood up for equality. I have a few family members in my line who did just that. So when I feel like I am worthless or need a kick in the pants to be a better person, this is a good one. You can’t help but feel ‘Kind, Smart and Important’. Thanks Abiline


While you were sleeping
7. While You Were Sleeping

This one I love for selfish reasons. I will admit. Growing up I was the oldest cousin on both sides. The next closest to me in age was 3 years younger than me. And on my mom’s side, the next cousin was a boy. Needless to say playing cars wasn’t something I loved doing. I was lucky enough to have a FABULOUS grandma, GG, who spent some serious one on one time with me. We always curled up on the floor of her sewing room on some blankets and watched this movie. I laughed hysterically at the kid who slips on the ice and she would always tell me that I was horrible. Then she would laugh when they talked about his beautiful crowns, since they were $800 a pop, I thought she was a loon. I didn’t get it until I got married and got a few of my own – dang it. I have yet to watch this movie since she passed away, but this one is a tender one.



Pitch Perfect

6. Pitch Perfect

Alright, so I am a closet singer. Like loudly in my car and when I am alone. I sing really loud and have dance parties, pretty sure I only hit like 3 notes each time but hey it’s fun. So naturally a singing movie.. I mean how can you not? Not to mention my quote battles with my youngest brother, this is our staple.




5. Collateral

This movie is a seat clincher for sure. I always get nervous when I watch this movie, even though I know what happens. This movie shows a totally different side to Tom Cruise, being the villan, and I kinda love it. The idea and filmography behind this one for sure can give you a boost of thrill.


The Dark Knight
4. The Dark Knight

This movie.. wow. I have to say this was my FAVORITE batman movie. Heath Ledger is amazing as the joker, a A+++ performance for sure. I love the filmography of this flick too. The way they show a dark side and the style of filming just matches. Hands down the best out there.


3. Inception

This movie just makes your mind think. I remember seeing this for the first time in theaters and thinking what the crap?? Am I dreaming? This really got my creative juices flowing. So if you need your mind blown or just a second to think about what the crap is happening around you, this movie will put everything into perspective.


Horrible Bosses
2. Horrible Bosses

Alright, this one hits close to home. I have had a few bosses that have made my life miserable. Like worst experience of my life ever, come home in tears and want to quit even though I had no back up plan. So when I found a movie where they want to kill their bosses ( something I have imagined more than once – I know I suck) I had to watch. If you are ready for some laughs and some home hitting experiences, I recommend this one for sure.


The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
1. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

This one as of late has been my favorite movie. This movie inspires me to get up and do something. There is something about how he just decides to be amazing and not hold back. Every time I watch this I want to get up and go do something that is inspiring and travel. There is a huge world out there and chances to be taken. Why not take a chance every now and again, it might end up being the best thing you have ever done.


Now this isn’t all of my favorites, so I feel like this might have to be an ongoing thing that we chat about. You have been warned. What movies inspire you? Is there one that I should see?

Birthday | Jarett



So today is my youngest brother’s birthday. He is currently living on the other side of the country in New Jersey near the Jersey Shore serving and LDS mission. I thought it only fitting to celebrate him today, since he was my photo muse when he was younger. You’ll be okay with that right? So here is 20 things about Jarett for his 20th birthday.

1. He was born two weeks before my birthday even though his due date was my birthday. I remember being so excited that he would be born on my birthday. But alas he came early.

2. When he was a baby I got the chance to help take care of him a lot. My mom had a bad back injury and couldn’t lift him. And since I was home and 10, I got to do the cradling and rocking when he was upset.

3. We had ‘Sibling Dates’ together when he was growing up. I was in charge of baby sitting at least 1 night a weekend so my parents could go out. When the dates started my other siblings were old enough to take care of themselves and were often not at home. So it was just me and him. So we would pick an activity – movie, arcade, laser tag etc and have dinner together and then go do something fun. We did these until he was about 13 and was too cool to do them with me anymore.



4. He is a braniac. That kid is like a walking dictionary and history book. I kid you not he knows more useless facts and cares more about the world and it’s politics than any 20 something year old should. He has known all sorts of stuff since the time he was about 11, we used to call him ‘Wiki’ for wikipedia.

5. He is an amazing trap shooter. He was on a scholastic scholar team from the time he was 13 until right before he left last November. He would travel around the US shooting with his team, and often times taking first. He has more guns than I ever want to own, but is so skilled with it. We all told him to try out for the olympics when he gets home.. Maybe you will see him in 2020.



6. He is one of the most helpful and kind people I know. I can remember multiple times being stuck in a bind and calling him. He would drop everything to come help with what you needed, even if it meant leaving something in the middle of it.

7. He is a fantastic uncle. We have one cute little nephew, until December, and he loved that kid to death. I would find him multiple times on the floor playing cars or cuddled up with him watching a movie. He is so good with kids that I am sure when he meets the other two nephews it will be like he was never gone.

8. He is one great dog-sitter. My husband and I like to travel a lot. We usually do one big trip a year, sometimes out of the country. We would be gone for about a week and we always knew we could count on him to watch over our pup. It probably had something to do with a king sized bed, movies galore and a playstation 3.. but I am going to say he was just a good loving fella.



9. He is a music fanatic. He was always looking for the newest band. He loved to jam out and listening to music loudly. I am pretty sure his phone was 80% music and the rest was just apps and essentials.

10. He is a foodie. That kid will try just about everything once and every place at least once. He did have his staples, but he wasn’t afraid to step outside of the box every now and again.

11. He can quote movies like none other. We often would have quote battles via text, now in his weekly emails, and they would go on for hours. That kid knows his stuff.



12. He loves Halloween, he loves getting dressed up, even if it just to answer the door. He would always have something clever up his sleeve.

13. And he loves Christmas. He works so hard every year to make sure that every one had a present, even if he didn’t draw their name. It was important to him to share that Christmas love.

14. He loves white Christmases, there was many a year where the week of Christmas would show up and it hadn’t snowed. He would watch the weather diligently every night hoping for a storm. Sometimes they would happen, sometimes not but that kid loves the white stuff.

15. He has a year of college already finished. What 18 year old do you know that just graduates and then jumps right into college? Yep him.



16. He like myself, loves to read. That kid was always reading something and recommending books. It is a great trait to have I must say.

17. His favorite, and might I add only chore he did, was taking care of the lawn. We have neighbors whose lawn is ALWAYS so green. It was a challenge for him to mow, trim, fertilize and plant enough stuff to keep up with them. Now if only he would clean his room…

18. He loves to cook. There were many times where he would make dinner and they would be an invention of his making. Some were good, others were a bit scary but I admire his initiative.

19. He is a HORRIBLE gift wrapper. He is always known for making the ‘hud’ gift. It would be so hap-hazardly wrapped often with duct tape and newspaper. You always know what gift was from him.

20. Lastly he is an amazing brother. He is so loving and caring to each of us siblings and I am lucky I share a great bond with him. He is one of a kind, even though I convinced him on multiple occasions he was adopted, and I wouldn’t trade him for the world.


Happy Birthday Jarett!

baking | chocolate chip cookies


I don’t know about you but I am always on the hunt for an amazing cookie recipe. They are a staple when it comes to baking, at least I think. I mean who doesn’t love a good cookie. So when I found this recipe for Chocolate Chip cookies I had to try it out, and since then it has become a regular for me. Baking is such a fun thing for me, often a stress relief, and chocolate… you can’t go wrong there. So here is what you need.


1 cup butter

1 cup brown sugar

3/4 cup sugar

2 tsp vanilla

2 eggs

3 cups flour

2 tsp baking soda

dash of salt

chocolate chips


First things first, heat your oven to 350 degrees. I like to cycle the oven at least once when I am preparing the dough so when the first batch goes in that the oven really is 350.

To a mixing bowl, I use a kitchenaid, add sugars and butter. You want the butter soft, not melted but easy to mix. If you take it out of the fridge like I do, I zap it in the microwave for 30 seconds and then pour it in. Cream these together until everything is mixed, kinda like a sandy dough.

Next add your vanilla and eggs. Cream these puppies until they are fluffy sugar goodness. You want to make sure stuff is blended so you don’t get a chunk of ingredient in a cookie.



Next up add your flour, soda and salt. Mix this well, until you have your dough. Word to the wise, start on a low mixing setting other wise if will be like a sand dune on your counter. Trust me I have done it and it is not fun to clean up.

Once you have your dough, please make sure you sample it, add your chocolate chips. I prefer to use semi-sweet MINI chips. This way I get more chocolate chip per cookie. But I have made them with milk chocolate chips and normal sized chips. All work, and all taste delightful. You can choose to fold them in, or be lazy like me and throw them in the mixer and let it do the work. If you use bigger sized chips it will be a little bit hard to get even distribution with the mixer. Now you are ready for making balls and baking.



I use a 1″ cookie scoop for mine, I prefer fluffy soft smaller cookies as opposed to flatter larger cookies. And this scoops gives me just that. I don’t fill the scoop all the way, maybe 7/8 of the way, and then plop it on the cookie sheet. I put 12 on a sheet and of course use my parchment paper, cause I don’t like cleaning pans. Bake 10-12 minutes, until you get a nice light brown color on top of your cookie. Put them on a cooling rack right after you pull them out, you don’t want the bottoms to get over done, makes them crunchy. Wait a few until they are just warm and then get your scoop of ice cream and enjoy.



What is your favorite type of cookie? Is there a cookie you would like to see me make? Shoot me a email at or leave a comment below!CookieDishNapkin

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Towley’s + Family Session



A month or so ago I made my way to Minnesota (or as I like to call it Tinysota) for a family reunion. While I was there I had the great experience to shoot the Towley family. I am also lucky to call these people family, Aunts and Uncles, and of course Grams.

Let me give you an introduction to this fabulous lady I call Grams. Before I met this woman, I was told she had memorized the Dictionary, had two graduate degrees, a stern grammatical fanatic and a killer cribbage player. Needless to say when I went to pick her up from the airport with Cody for our wedding, I was scared. I didn’t know what to say and didn’t want to get corrected. Sure enough within the first 15 minutes of meeting her I had been corrected twice. Oui. But I have learned to love this lady, she helped raise my husband and she taught me how to play Cribbage – I don’t want to brag but I am pretty good. I haven’t seen this sweet lady since a funeral that took place in 2009. So I was pretty excited about seeing her and spending time in her cute apartment. So when she asked me to take photographs, I couldn’t say no.




This family is full of laughs and jokes, I don’t think I have really ever seen them sad. And you better watch your back you might just be the butt of a joke. But they can take as well as they can dish.



There are four sisters and two brothers. Paula and Kris above are both amazing ladies. Paula is a librarian at an elementary school. I mean come on she gets kids to love reading, and we know how I feel about reading.. Kris is a Colonel in the military and helps run the local VA offices. She is a very accomplished lady.



The other two sisters Linnea and Anika are pretty amazing as well. Linnea works for an Electric company in California and also a single mom to 3 kids. Did I also mention that she is a grandma? She looks rocking. Anika, my mother in law, well I could go on and on.. but she is battling cancer and you literally would never know it.



Here are the brothers, Louis and Carl. Both of these studs are entrepreneurs, inventing the Tonneau truck bed cover and Powerblock weight system. They are both awesome and such loving and giving people.

This family is amazing. I tell you, when you find a amazing family hold on tight! They don’t come around all that often.

my top 29 for staying creative



iphone creative ipad creative




Being in a densely rich community of utah photographers, I often have to find ways to stay creative. Being a photographer, I feel like my photos need to be at the top of my game, challenging myself to do something more. So I push myself to be creative. In honor of my 29th year ending this month, here are my top 29 ways.


1. Make a list – I make lists of ideas that come into my head, no matter how stupid they may be. I also have a list of things I need to finish and goals.


2. Carry a notebook everywhere – I carry something to keep notes on with me everywhere. Even my phone works. You never know when creativity will strike!


3. Look at those that inspire you – I like finding new people on instagram that have things I find creative and inspiring. It helps me push harder.


4. Exercise – for me this one is key. I like to work out and getting away from ‘work’ helps me think through issues I may be dealing with. Also a wonderful stress reliever.


5. Quit comparing – I know that my work is different, so when I compare I am robbing myself of my potential.


6. Take breaks – I often stop to play a game or watch a short show or go for a walk, it helps give your brain a break.


7. Dance Parties – I like to dance to whatever music has got my beat going. Just that free moving enjoyment does wonders for your soul.


8. Listen to music – I often plug into my itunes or the radio just to have something keeping me up beat and going.


9. Be open – An idea or inspiration might come from anywhere, you never really know where it will come. And allow yourself to explore it.


10. Be around creatives – seeing others and listening to them helps give you those jolts.


11. Get feedback – I have a few friends who I bounce ideas off of, it is always good to have an ‘outsider’ view. They might see something you don’t.


12. Collaborate – It is fun to tap into other peoples talents. So do a project with someone and watch the magic.


13. Don’t EVER give up – if you have a dream or an idea push for it. There is no way it will be yours if you stop believing in it.


14. Practice – Take time to hone into your art. It will only make you better.


15. Allow for mistakes – they happen. And if we allow them to happen we can learn from them and for sure grow from them. Don’t be afraid to let those things flow.


16. Go somewhere – I like to travel, and going places helps me see things and appreciate things differently. Always good to see new things.


17. Count your blessings – whether you are religious or not, there is always something in your life that you are grateful for. Remember them cause they help when times get tough.


18. SLEEP – it is really hard to push yourself through things when you don’t get enough zzz’s.


19. Take risks – you will never know if some idea will work or not unless you are willing to try and make it work.


20. Break Rules – there might be a standard way of doing things in your field, but try breaking the mold and see what amazing things could happen.


21. Read – I can’t tell you how many ideas come from reading. I love to read, novels and inspiring books and sometimes a great idea comes from those.


22. Always Create – there is room for creativity so take it. Even if it is trying out something you have never done.


23. Stop trying to be someone else – there is only one you out there. So own it and flaunt it!


24. Write – often times just doodling or taking notes when listening to a lecture or ted talk helps open areas you didn’t think were there.


25. Clean up your space – having an organized place helps you not think about how you need to clean or find that ‘thing’.


26. Have fun – there is never a reason to stop having fun and enjoying life


27. Finish something – even if it is little, feeling an accomplishment will help you tackle bigger things in the future


28. Dream BIG – if you cap your limits of what you can do you will never be able to push past that cloud and find amazing things


29. Love – I am lucky to have a wonderful husfriend who loves me deeply and pushes me to be better.


I would love to hear from you! What tips do you have for staying creative?


Family Cabin + Minnesota



Over the fourth we were lucky enough to travel to Minnesota to spend time with the husfriends family. This crew is crazy and full of energy and caused me to take multiple naps while on this trip. Not even kidding. Cody’s family lives in a small town called Alexandria. I had never been there before, and was expecting a small town feel where everyone knows each others name and shops are teeny tiny. But good news folks, they have a Target, Walmart and multiple restaurants to boot. Not as small as I imagined.



Before we left Minneapolis and the mall of america ( I have priorities people) we stopped to see Grandpa Towley. This is Cody’s grandfather who left us 5 years ago to a battle with cancer. I met him twice, but he really was a brilliant kind man, the world is a worse off place without him in it.



On the morning on the fourth we joined extended family at their family cabin. Now this is more of a tiny wood cabin with 2 rooms a kitchen and a bathroom. But it was cute and had charm and was right on the lake.






The rest of the trip was spent with family doing water sports and in Cody’s case getting stung by a wasp on the eyelid. No joke, it was swollen for 3 days. I got my nice beige tan on (cause I am like 14 shades lighter than everyone out there) I finally have color!! I tubed down a river with fish and goo, it was an experience, did unlimited bowling with cousins, ate my weight in yummy food and took hours of naps. Guys, ‘Tiny-sota’ is beautiful in the summer, but I HIGHLY don’t recommend a winter trip. I have done that once and it is FREEZE your BUTTCHEEKS off cold. Literally you would have nothing to sit on..

KajleBozo PaddleboardPaula ParasailingCody


I will definitely be doing a repeat visit this place is just too relaxed and pretty to not. Have you been to Minneapolis, what are your top to do things there?



creative outlet + watercolor



Lately I have found myself needing the option to do something other than photography to get my creative juices flowing. It helps me stay fresh and then helps create new photo ideas for later, which really helps not only my clients work but my personal projects as well. One outlet I use often is watercolor. I am no pro by any means, but it is fun to just see where the splatters take you.




I use just a generic watercolor set that I picked up at Target, you can purchase it here. I liked this set because it came with a set of brushes and a small watercolor pad, so it was a nice little kit. I often times look at pictures and see if it inspires me to create anything or to recreate the image. Often times I end up with something other than what I had expected, which is part of the magic of watercoloring.


I always use hot water when I water color, it helps the colors be a bit richer when they paint on. And I often use painters tape and tape my paper to the table so it doesn’t shift while I am painting. Then all I add is a bit of music or a movie I have already seen and let the mind wander.




What do you do for a creative outlet? Is there something other than watercoloring I should try?

Design + Graduation Announcement

I often dabble in design work. And occasionally I get asked to make a invitation or a graduation announcement. I was lucky to be asked to make a high school graduation announcement for a young man I knew who was graduating. Of course we had to keep it masculine and not too feminine looking, since he is a dude. So I went with a more geometrical look and strong bold fonts accompanied by a few cursives. But all in all I think it turned out great. Congrats on graduation!





I love doing design stuff, it is a creative break from photography and helps me do something else to get the juices flowing. Later this week I am going to be bringing you another creative outlet of mine. I hope you will like. What creative things do you enjoy doing? What gets your noggin cranking new ideas?


*Do you have an invite or announcement you need help creating? Email me at and let’s get a makin!