Stephanie | Infertility Story

Every story is unique and one we should all respect. Stephanie’s story is one of those whose had success as well as some difficulties. Let me share with you Stephanie’s story.

Tell me your infertility story..

We got married in 2006. In 2007 we decided to start trying to conceive. After 8 months of nothing, my friend started scanning me and saw that I wasn’t ovulating. After visiting a doctor, I went on Clomid for 5 months. I only ovulated three of those 5 months. When my OB saw that I didn’t get pregnant after that, they wanted to have my husband get a semen analysis. His sperm count was super low and motility was bad. They thought he had a varicocele but the ultrasound verified that was negative. So they sent us to a fertility Doctor. We saw Dr. Heiner at RCC in Sandy, Utah.
Our initial consultation was in September of 2008. It was awful. He told us our only chance of having kids was to do IVF. He encouraged us to go home and figure out how to come up with the money and then call him back. I cried the whole way back to work. We decided to try IVF. We saved and were able to do IVF in February of 2009. Everyone was certain it would work. We put two embryos in (even though the doctor said we would probably have twins) and froze four. Neither embryo took and we experienced a failed cycle. It was devastating. I cried for two weeks straight. After that initial period, I didn’t have another period. After 80 days they decided to trigger one. So after six months we were able to do a frozen cycle. It took thawing three of our four embryos to get two good ones to transfer. This time it took, I was pregnant. We had a healthy baby girl. We had the last frozen embryo was discarded because of its poor quality.
We did another egg retrieval when my daughter was 19 months old. This time we used Dr. Foulk from UFC. He was so much nicer than Dr. Heiner and really seemed like he cared. We were able to transfer two embryos and got pregnant with twins. I had an amazing pregnancy, no complications whatsoever. I carried the twins as long as they would let me, and was induced at 38 weeks and 2 days. I didn’t even have to have a C-section! It was amazing.
When the twins were 21 months old we did another frozen transfer using two embryos. I got pregnant with another set of twins but miscarried them at 8 weeks. I had to have a D&C. We used our last frozen embryo a month later and again got pregnant, and again lost it. This time at 7 weeks. Those were my first miscarriages during the whole process and didn’t make much sense. The doctor ended up doing a lot of testing to see why I miscarried, but the tests didn’t show anything.
Right now we feel completely lost and frustrated. We didn’t want to have to do another fresh cycle. We thought we could get one or two more kids from those frozen embryos and have a compete family. We don’t feel done with three but we are dreading doing another egg retrieval.

What has been the hardest part for you?

The hardest part of all of it for me was not knowing if I would ever be able to have kids. And even after I had kids, it sucks as an active LDS member knowing that having kids is something we are asked to do, but my husband and I can’t do it naturally. We have been blessed with enough money to pay for all of our treatments, but it sucks to have to spend money on something that other people get to do for free, and in an enjoyable way (wink wink).

What feelings did you experience going through this?

Infertility makes me angry. I think that is the emotion I have felt the most. So angry that I have to go through all the crap I go through to get my babies here. I spent a lot of time feeling angry at people who were pregnant. Luckily that part has gotten better since I have had my own kids.

What is something you wish you knew before you started?

Something I wish I knew when I started? I don’t know. That’s a hard question. I guess when I started I just never knew how worth it having the baby would be.

What strange questions did you get while you tried?

I never got strange questions honestly. No one bugged my husband and I about having kids when we were first married. We were very open about what we were doing. I am a very blunt person so I say what I want. The thing I hate most is that people will tell me the stories of people who did IVF or adopted and then got oops pregnant. It drives me crazy to have people telling me that like they think it will happen to me. So I just tell them I hate it when people tell me that because I know it’s not going to happen to me. All those people who it happened to were never expecting it, so I don’t like it when people want me to expect that for myself. People always ask us if twins run in the family and I know it’s their way of asking if we got them naturally or through fertility treatments. So I always just come right out with it and say no, they are from IVF. It doesn’t bother me at all. I am very open.

What advice do you have for those going through struggles?

My advice to others going through fertility struggles is to never give up! The road is so hard and so long and sucks so bad but once you get your baby, you know everything you went through and every penny you spent was worth it. If you need to take a break, that’s fine, but don’t ever give up on your dream! That is my favorite part about Dr. Foulk’s approach. He has absolute confidence that he can get you a baby in one way or another, and he is so full of hope.
Thank you Stephanie for sharing your story and showing us a different side to fertility.
*If you or someone you know would like to share their story, I would love to hear from you! Email me at

Libby | Fertility Story

Through sharing my fertility story, I have had many people tell me how they loved that I was courageous and shared my story. I decided that I would try and share others stories, since every one’s is different and maybe you relate to mine but maybe it isn’t up your alley. I have been lucky to know some women who have struggled, and had different struggles than I did. So today I share with you Libby’s story.



Tell me your story..

We first discovered that getting pregnant wouldn’t be that easy about 3 months after we got married. I struggled a great deal when I was a teenager and had lots of ‘menstral issues’ which involved hemorrhaging when I would have a period. My not-so-genius of a doctor, put me on birth control for 2 straight years without ever breaking to have a period during that time. When the time came that I wanted to have babies my nurse practitioner said it may take awhile.
Well that “while” ended up taking 5 years. During those five years she order a few tests (blood, hsg, ultrasounds) to find out what our next step needed to be. I started on clomid and gradually worked my way up to 5 pills a day without any results. I was then sent to a specialist (a few actually) and over time and finally finding the right Doctor for me. We did FSH shots combine with Femara along with HCG (to induce ovulation) shots, combined with 2 rounds of IUI. That was our first ‘season’ of trying to get pregnant, we were lucky to conceive and have a beautiful little girl.
We are currently working on ‘season’ two. :)

What has been the hardest part for you?

I would say the hardest part for me (and still is to this day) was/is watching every single woman and I mean EVERY SINGLE ONE around me sharing a drink with their husband and getting pregnant… Cause that’s all it takes for them. I literally have to force myself not to break down and ball my eyes out every time I hear someone is pregnant and it’s usually not their first one.

How were your feelings through this process?

My feelings throughout this whole process have been a total roller coaster… I would say a majority of the time, I kinda wanted to hurt a lot of people probably more than normal…. Lots and lots of crying, occasions of happiness, depression, anger, pretty much every emotion one person can go through. I think depression and anger were at the top of the list though.

What do you wish you knew before you started the process?

When I began this whole process nobody bothered to even give me a hint as to how hard it was going to be, something I wished I would have known would be to have some emotional support from someone other than your husband. So I would tell those going through it now, find support either from your mom, friend, support groups, etc. it helps more than you know!

How did you deal with the questions people asked you?

When people would ask me questions…. That was really tough. Again it was one of those moments when I wanted to claw their eyes out. Depending on the person, if they meant well and were genuinely curious then I was completely fine to answer questions and it made me feel like someone cared. The people who were just nosy and stupid I struggled with and usually ignored them and tried to change the subject.

What advice do you have those going through struggles?

My advice for those struggling. Be patient and have faith that everything will work out. I believe everything happens when and how it should and in its own time (that time may not be on YOUR schedule but it will happen)
Thank you Libby for sharing your personal story with me. I appreciate the love and support you gave in me sharing and trying to help others find peace and comfort in knowing they aren’t alone.
*If you are struggling and would like to share your story, or know someone who would I would love to share your story. Send me an email at

holly | mini session



This girl is amazing. Can I just tell you? I first met her in a Photo 2 class at UVU. She shoots amazing stuff and was always someone that pushed me harder to do more amazing work. She called me recently and asked me to do a mini session with her for her mom for Christmas. Of course I said yes! How can I pass up a chance to photograph an amazing friend of mine?Holly


Thanks for the laughs and running around with me in the rain Holly! It was a blast!!

forsey family | family session

Forsey2Let me tell you about this amazing family I know. The Forsey’s have to be one of the best families I have ever met.. seriously they are amazing people with the best hearts. They recently built their dream home and I asked me to come photograph their family in it before they moved in. It was a fun experience full of laughs and screams, seriously a blast for a week night.


These kids are amazingly fun and are crazy climbers. And those smiles.. they are killers I tell you. 
Forsey1It was a blast to have each kid show me their bedroom and how they were excited to move in. And did I mention they have this awesome ‘secret’ play room upstairs complete with a bookshelf that pulls out and a mini door for the littles to climb through? Uh-amazing. 
Forsey3 Forsey4


Thank you Forsey family for letting me come sneak a peek of your beautiful home, and spend a fun evening with you!



my new years resolutions | personal

FollowYourHeartAlright, so every year I have been so determined to have a new years resolution I can keep. I usually pick the same that 95% of the nation picks, lose weight and be healthy. This year after reading some good posts I decided to set goals that I can really achieve. Ones that I know I can complete. I always have a running list of goals that I accomplish, and the list grows. But never something I work on for a whole year. So this year is going to be different. This last year I had a motto, Enjoy the Process. This was a really hard thing to accept, but it made me take a break and really review where I stood with things.


This year my motto is Listen to my Heart. I often find myself in the toss of what is right, and what I feel like I should do. So this year is all about following that little heart of mine. I really want to be in tune with the people around me and my feelings as a whole. I want to make sure my heart matches my actions. So with that being said. Here are some of my new years resolutions for 2015.


Keep : reading. In 2014 I kept a running list of all the books I read over the year for 2014, I read a grand total of 26. I read 11,734 pages and an average of 2,933,500 words. My goal for this year is to read 30 books. I am sure this is something I can accomplish, and hopefully even with a new one joining the family soon.


Change : This one was a tricky one for me, cause I feel like it is always easy to see the faults you have in yourself. So I decided that I am going to change how I view myself. That I am going to have more self-love and be more positive. I have always had issues with my body image, and I want to be okay with myself. I know I am not going to be a size -0 ever, I am just more curvy than a stick, now to teach myself that it is OK to look that way.


Start : I want to start a photo project. The last project I did was my roadkill project, Confrontations, which you can see on my site. Since then I haven’t really done a set project with multiple images in it. I have some ideas floating, just to land on one to work on.


Stop :  Worrying about the little things. This is something I struggle with, I am what my father in law calls a ‘awfulizer’. I imagine the worst thing happening, and I am convinced that it will come true. I need to learn how to let go of the things I can’t control and focus on the things I really can change.


What are your new years resolutions? How do you keep yourself working on them all year long?

baby peter | newborn session


next to a birth story, my favorite thing is shooting a newborn. All these babies around me makes me super anxious for mine to come! A sweet family in my neighborhood called after their little grandson made his entrance. This sweet little boy was just over a week old and such a fun little squirt. I loved taking time to shoot peter!


Above Elephant
feethands lips


Look at those killer eyes! They were so blue! I loved staring at them while he was awake. MomTie Ribbon


His sweet mom looked so great for just having a baby, and was the sweetest thing to her little man I have ever seen.


Sleeping Swaddled


Thank you Nelsons for letting me photograph your sweet little grandson. He was a pleasure to shoot, and made me so excited to have my own soon!



infertility | 5 questions we dealt with

One of the hardest parts of infertility was all the questions we got. They ranged from when are you going to have kids to what is going on.. Some were harder than others to deal with, I will be honest. But after going through 5 years of questions, and from the strangest people and places, I learned to build a pretty thick skin. So I thought I would share with you how I learned to deal with these 5 questions I got about infertility.


1. When are you going to have kids?

This one was a tough-y at first. I won’t lie. I shared one of my favorite responses in my last post, you can see it here. When things started I would tell people things like ” We are working on it” or make up an excuse as to why we haven’t had them yet. School was always a fall back for this one. But as time went on I realized that those questions were uncomfortable. So I decided to make others just as uncomfortable as I felt about getting asked the question. So I started with ones like “9 months from now” or “we saw your kids and decided against kids, thanks for sparing us”. Now I realize that not everyone can go that route, I just liked it for the reason I could laugh about it. Some other options are “We are still waiting for our gift” or “We have our order in, just waiting for it to be filled”.  Whatever you decide, talk with your spouse and agree on a few answers that work for you.




2. Are you ever going to have kids?

This was a hard one to swallow, I will admit. Of course I wanted kids, but short of slapping that person across the face I still had to answer. Again, I had answers that created comedic relief, cause I prefer to laugh about things then to dwell. So I would answer with “Oh well when your kid is old enough to baby sit mine” or “Nope, why do you care?”. This question is a hard one, cause really that is no ones business except you and your husbands. But none the less you will get it. So if you want to err on the side of kindness go for ones like “We would like to one day” or “When the time is right”. This let’s them know that it is a matter of when not if.


3. What tests are you going through?

This one I actually didn’t mind talking about when I got to the testing phase of our process. I felt like being more open about how things were going and how I felt about situations helped me work through my emotions. It gave me a chance to express myself and my feelings towards what was happening, but also a chance to educate the person doing the asking. However, not everyone is as open about chatting. And that is PERFECTLY okay. It is your business, if you want to share you can. If not you can mention to them that you would rather not talk about it until you know. Or play the coy side where you act as if you haven’t had the tests yet, even if you have started. But if you go this route, chance are they will ask again.


4. So what’s wrong with you?

This one stung the most. The problem with this one, is even if there is a problem and it does lie with you, it makes you sound as if you are defective. But in all reality you aren’t, and there is nothing you can do to control the changes that happened. I had a hurtful experience with this one in fact, but I braced it as a chance to educate the person. I got a very hurtful letter from a dear family member, expressing how it was my husbands fault and that if he had made some different health choices that we wouldn’t be experiencing this issue. The actuality of it was that there was ZERO we could have done about it, and his choices didn’t have any effect on what happened. So I took the chance to write back and set them straight. This is a good chance for you to educate those around you about infertility. Even if it is an issue with yourself or your spouse, there is nothing they could have done to prevented it. So it is NO ONES fault, remember that.


5. What can we do to help?

This one was a welcomed question. I embraced this with open arms. It gave me a chance to cry on someones shoulder, to ask for advice from them or just know that they were understanding to the situation and had sympathy towards what we were working through. Even though they might not be able to fully understand what is happening to you, or how you feel, hold these people tight and close. They are the ones who will help you make it to the end.


No matter the question, or who it comes from, know that the reason why they are asking is because they care. They might seem to be harsh and abrasive questions, and some of them are, but take it as a chance to love them back and to educate them. The reason why they ask stupid questions is because they really don’t know. Take the time, even though it hurts, to let them know about the world of infertility. Who knows it could help someone in the long run.

baby nixon | birth story



Can you believe it?! I got another nephew this month! I know I am one lucky lady. My brother and his wife welcomed their first little, baby Nixon on December 16th. I was lucky enough to be apart of his birthday celebration and photograph his birth. There is something really amazing about watching a little life make his grand entrance into the world, it is an experience worth watching if you get a chance.


Our morning started at 5:20am. My sister in law was set to have an induction that morning. She needed to be there at 6:15. I got a frantic text around 5:20am, that her water had possibly broke and she was having contractions. So our planned leaving time was going to be moved up. We couldn’t wait. So I threw on the first pair of clothes I could find and rushed out. Turns out her water hadn’t broken but she was in deed in labor. Crazy that her little knew the day he was supposed to come.



They got her all hooked up and epidural placed. She was a happy camper. I got to have a nice breakfast with my brother, a rare occasion, where we sat and talked about how it was crazy that he was going to be a dad and how in a few short months I was going to be a mom. Crazy how your life can change in an instant.





The doctor was amazing. He happened to be a family friend of theirs and was a superstar doctor. I hope my delivery goes as amazing as hers did. A few short hours after checking in she was ready to push. At 2:20p my sweet nephew arrived with a loud cry, giant hands and large mouth that were beyond adorable. I was smitten.





I think this is the first time in my life I have watched my brother break down in tears. It was amazing to see and feel the love in the air for that sweet little baby.






Welcome baby Nixon, I am so glad you are here! Thank you to Matson and Erica for letting me be apart of your big day, it was a honor that I can’t even express how grateful I am for it. 


ringing in the new year | 10 fun NYE ideas

I don’t you but I love a good party. Especially when you are surrounded with a bunch of fun people. Every year we get together and ring in the new year as a family. It is a fun tradition that we have done since I was in high school. But I thought today I would share some of our ideas but others that you could do to ring in 2015!


Our new years tradition started way back when I was a sophomore in high school. My parents wanted to come up with a way for the younger kids to be able to celebrate with us, and since they weren’t old enough to go out late they invented the Family Olympics. The evening kicks off with dinner and a movie. As soon as our movie is over we start into the games. We have gathered a bunch of games over the years but a few favorites are : paper airplane races, windup toy races, balloon races, and cup stacking. It makes for fun times and hilarious laughs!

Here are 10 fun ways you can ring in the new year :


Olympics : Gather whatever kinds of games you want to play. A good resource is the minute to win it games. Here is a site that has 20 games and how to play them.

Movie Marathon : If you are big movie buff it would be fun to do a marathon of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars or any of your favorite series.


Game Night : We are huge fans of games, so you could gather your top games and play them back to back with friends.


City Celebration : Most cities host their own version of a NYE celebration. They always have some fun events and food to help ring in the new year

Go to a concert : If you can swing this, it would be fun to dance in the new year.

Have a date night : If you are craving alone time with your special someone, call it a night and have a romantic dinner and cuddle up to your fireplace and watch your favorite flick. There is always room for more one on one time.


Make your Resolution list : If you are a fan of resolutions you could spend the evening deciding how you are going to make 2015 the best year yet.

film reel

Highlight Reel : With some family and friends it would be fun to remember all your favorite moments of 2014. I am sure there are some good stories to share with that as well!

Potluck / Round Robin Meal : Do a giant potluck meal with friends, or a round robin meal with them. You start at one person’s house for your appetizers and then move to a new house for every course ending with dessert. Yum!


Go on vacation : There is no better way to ring in the new year than to celebrate it in a fun new spot, maybe by a beach?


Here is a download of a resolution sheet for you to get a jump start on your 2015!

  Resolution Sheet

Happy Holidays!!

baby dane | newborn session


One of my favorite jobs to do are birth stories. I love being there when the world stands still for just a minute when that little one enters the world. I love capturing those moments in photos that will last years after those sweet seconds. A few weeks back my sister delivered her second precious little boy and I was able to be there as he entered the world.




My sister was a champ. I hope I can handle labor and delivery like her when my little makes his entrance. She was laughing and joking with us the whole time before and literally pushed 3 times and he was here. She is a pro.



Amazing how much love flows into the room the second that little one makes their entrance into the world. It hits you like a brick wall, and this one was no exception. He is so loved.







One of my favorite parts of watching a birth is to watch the bath after they are born. The nurses are so gentle and love their job. I also loved playing ‘Thor’ with my nephew.. he is a grand little dude.



Welcome to the world baby Dane. You are so loved by so many people. I am so glad you joined our family and that I was able to be there for your special day.




Love your auntie.